Let’s Dress Up! 3 Ways to Wear a Black Tweed Jacket

Ever since I started cleaning out my closet and selling my clothes on Poshmark,  my shopping has gone down tremendously as I’m not just buying on impulse or buying items on sale or that’s trendy.  I’ve realized that my closet had two different personalities – one for the office and one for play, and both are vastly different, which makes for lots of unused clothes. I noticed that didn’t have items of clothing that I could wear for both work and play.  The smart thing to do was to buy items that work for both the office and out of the office to 1) decrease the clutter, 2) wear the same clothes more often, and 3) get the most out of a purchase.

I’ve been obsessing over Chanel tweed jackets for some time and love seeing the different ways people wear those jackets. I’ve noticed they can be dressed up or down. I don’t think I’ll ever make the splurge to purchase a Chanel tweed jacket (purses are a different story).  I’ve come to realize that the right tweed jacket can be worn for work or play…one that can be incorporated into many aspects of my life.  So last month, I purchased a black tweed jacket from J.Crew (on sale). I put a Chanel brooch on it…and it was “instantly Chanel” (as Charlie likes to say) without paying the full Chanel price.

I chose a black tweed jacket because it’s versatile, it fits into my lifestyle and it compliments the existing items in my wardrobe. Here are three ways I plan to or have been wearing my black tweed jacket. Which one do you prefer?

For Work

One of the main reasons I wanted to include a tweed jacket in my closet is for work.  This jacket gives the suit look with a pair of small black polka dot pants or plain black pants and a blush lace top underneath or any top for that matter!

Location: Chicago Chop House in River North

For Day to Night or Date Night

It’s not often I have after work stuff but there are times that I do get the opportunity to meet friends for drinks or dinner after work. For those occasions, I’ll wear the jacket over a dress for work and take it off when I meet up with my friends. And for the rare occasions that Charlie and I go out to on a date, I would wear the same thing.

Location: NewCity in Lincoln Park

For Weekends and Casual Days

I love pairing the tweed jacket with a comfy pair of jeans and a striped shirt. So French, non? But I think this is my favorite way to wear the tweed jacket because it’s a relaxed look, especially for chasing Luke around or going on our weekend adventures.

Location: Cafe Tola in Avondale

For reference, I the tweed jacket is from J.Crew in a size 10. I love the navy jacket one with the Liberty trim too! There’s also quilted safari jacket that’s not tweed but has the perfect Parisian look.

 AnnTaylor does a great job with offering tweed jackets. I like this plaid tweed jacket and the grid fringe tweed jacket.

Banana Republic also offers tweed jackets every season. I like this pink fringe blazer and the tweed collarless jacket here.


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  1. laurenkahan says:

    LOVE!! I always want to cross over some of my suit jackets (Yes, I still have a ton in the back of my closet “just in case”…I have serious issues. The stripes, boyfriend jeans, and black slip ons? LOVE IT!!! I just might copy you 🙂


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