Let’s Celebrate! Luke’s 5th Birthday Party at Windy City Ninjas

This past fall, Charlie turned on the TV and the show American Ninja Warriors happened to be on.  Luke immediately got into it. He loved watching the contestants climb, jump, and work their way from obstacle to obstacle and started to pretend he was a ninja warrior.  After we watched a few shows, I decided to make an obstacle course in our house for Luke. I had Luke do a few jumps on the sofa, crawl under our dining table, run around the island in the kitchen, etc. Luke was having a lot of fun at first but quickly “mastered” the obstacles and got bored. Unfortunately, our house is not very big for more obstacles.

When I heard that they were opening up a Windy City Ninjas in Chicago this winter, I figured Luke would have an interest in taking some classes since he loves watching American Ninja Warriors. The opening of Windy City Ninjas couldn’t have come at a better time because it was just around the time I was looking for places to host Luke’s 5th birthday party. I figured introducing Luke (with his friends) to this place would give me an idea of whether he would enjoy taking classes here or not.  I booked the party about a month ago and told Luke about it. For the weeks leading up to his birthday party, he got really excited and told all his classmates about it. He even invited his teacher and grandparents to come and watch him train to become a ninja.

Luke’s 5th birthday party was this past Saturday and it was a huge hit with Luke, his friends, and even their parents! We had the whole gym to ourselves, which was more than enough space for the 20 kids  (and their parents) at the party. At the beginning of the party, the instructors got the kids together to “warm” them up with some fun activities. Of course, Luke got really into it and wanted to try every activity.  After warming up and doing a few of the exercises on a few obstacles, it was open play time, which meant the kids can try whatever they wanted (with the assistance of the instructors).  The parents even got in the gym area and some even tried the obstacles.

All of the parents told us how great the place was and how they enjoyed the party. I would love to take the credit for it but the credit is due to the instructors, who were great and attentive with Luke and his friends on the various equipment. They really gave the kids a boost of confidence to climb up a wall or hold on to the handle as they zip-lined their way down.  And thanks to the same instructors who helped to set up the party room, serve the food, and clean up the party room for us. They made the whole experience and party hosting very easy for me and Charlie.

When we left the party Luke told me and Charlie that this was the best party everrrrrr! I’m so glad because I definitely felt we overcame, persevered, and achieved a successful birthday party!

Planning and hosting a party at Windy City Ninjas was pretty simple and less stressful than Luke’s previous birthday parties. Maybe it’s just me, but I tend to stress out about planning and hosting a party…almost like planning my own wedding. I know, I know they are not the same things but when you are inviting your friends to something, you want them to have fun. Everything went by very smoothly and without incident.

So if you’re thinking about throwing a birthday party here for your kids or yourself, here are few things to know:

Planning and Scheduling the Party

Windy City Ninja’s has a whole section on their website about what to do if you want to host a party there under the “Parties” link.  I love that they have a calendar on their website so you can see which dates are available.  The other thing that I love about throwing a party at Windy City Ninjas is that you can order pizza and additional items from them, which is one less hassle. But you can always bring in your own food if you prefer.

During the Party

The instructors and staff set up the party room, made sure everything was ready when the kids were done playing, and served them. It was nice to know that plates and utensils were all included in the price of the party. We just brought the cake and some food for the adults.

After the Party

Go home and relax! The staff at Windy City Ninjas cleaned up the party room and helped us with the gifts to our car. When we were driving home, I told Charlie I wasn’t even tired or stressed out.

About Windy City Ninjas

Windy City Ninjas is a new 10,000 square foot gym with a wide array of obstacles to challenge the ninja in your child and you (from age 2 up to adults). The facility offers classes, open gym, birthday parties and family nights.  The mission of Windy City Ninjas to help kids OVERCOME, PERSEVERE and ACHIEVE what they didn’t know was possible.

Windy City Ninjas offers 55 minute, weekly classes specifically tailored to the following age groups: Lil Warriors (ages 2 – 5), Emerging Warriors (ages 5 – 8), Ascending Warriors (ages 9 – 13) and Senior Warriors (ages 11 – 15).  All classes are designed to improve strength, agility, body awareness and confidence. Classes include multiple circuits and stations to keep the kids moving. The youngest, Lil Warriors, have a dedicated space with age and size appropriate obstacles and adventures. Adults have access to their own dedicated classes and open gym time as well.

The gym also offers a full listing spring break camps as well as summer camp. More information on their website.


Thank you Windy City Ninjas for letting us host Luke’s fun birthday party! All opinions and photos are my own. 





















One thought on “Let’s Celebrate! Luke’s 5th Birthday Party at Windy City Ninjas

  1. The Guat says:

    This sounds awesome! My kids are totally into America Ninja Warrior and love it. I was thinking about having their party at a gym like this over in my neck of the woods. I’ll investigate it 🙂

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