Reenacting The Wild Life Movie Poster





Stuffed animals are not only soft and cuddly, but they also offer some imaginative play. When I showed Luke one of the movie posters (see below) for the movie The Wild Life , he wanted to reenact it with is stuffed animals. But I think Luke looks like a happier Robinson Crusoe, don’t you think? Our little reenactment turned out to be total play time with the stuffed animals. I think they are his best audience, too! Haha! I’m sure his imagination will soar after watching the movie.

I’ve teamed up with makers of The Wild Life Movie to giveaway two movie passes as well as a prize back from the film (the prize pack will include t-shirts, coloring books and a pass for two to see the film in theaters). The winner will be announced on September 9th. Good luck!

Click Here to Enter for the Giveaway

TWL - Teaser Poster





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