Let’s Dress Up! Denim Overall Dress and Balloons



True story: When I was four years old, my mom got me this light green terry cloth romper. I loved it so much that I wore it almost every single day. My parents could not convince me to take it off and wear other clothes that I had but I was stubborn and never did. They finally had to hide it (or most likely throw it away) so that I didn’t wear it anymore. They thought my obsession with that romper was somewhat extreme. There are a few (a lot) of pictures of me wearing it.

Madewell2Well, I guess some things never change because I wore this denim overall dress all weekend! I purchased the Madewell Denim Overall Dress a few weeks ago when I saw that it was on sale (with additional 30% off and free shipping…how could I not resist?). The only thing stopping me was that it was final sale. So, I purchased a size 12, hoping that it would either be loose (and I could get it altered) or fit. And guess what? It fit perfectly! And it was the perfect dress to wear this weekend. I really didn’t want to take it off. But don’t worry, the 41 year old in me is not as extreme as my four year old self. (BTW: I’ve found similar dresses by Madewell that are in stock: Dungaree denim dress and Cutout denim dress.


Madewell9I love the dress because I think it can be worn as a summer dress and transition it to fall when a cardigan over it or a t-shirt underneath. It’s easy to put on and take off because of the buttons No shimmying or fighting with yourself to take it off. The only thing I wish it had were adjustable straps but because they tend to hang over when I sit down. Other than that, it’s a keeper.

Madewell12On Sunday, we went to Charlie’s aunt’s birthday party and we took the balloons from the party home since Luke loves balloons. On our way home, an idea crossed my mind that we should take some pictures of Luke with these balloons along this fence (location below). As it turned out, Luke was not in the mood to take pictures or play with the balloons. As a mamarazzi, I was a bit disappointed but I do respect his wishes, especially when it comes to taking pictures. But,  I didn’t want to let a good Instagram moment go to waste so I asked my Instagram husband to snap a few pictures of me…in the dress that I wore all weekend (sorry if it’s a bit wrinkled, it’s called #momstyle…when you don’t have time to get your good clothes to look perfect).

These pictures were taken in a matter of five minutes before Luke said he wanted to go home.  But when five minutes is all you got, you make the best of it…even if the pictures are not the best quality.Madewell11


About this location

We first passed by this fence when we tried to take a shortcut to Luke’s soccer classes at Lil’ Kickers at Bradley Place. Thank goodness for shortcuts, right? I believe the artist is Justus Roe? It’s in the Avondale neighborhood on Sacramento Ave (between Belmont Ave and the Kennedy Expressway). Happy hunting!

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Dress Up! Denim Overall Dress and Balloons

  1. laurenkahan says:

    Omg, I can’t even. When I saw this dress in your… (insta story or snap??), I LOVED it, and now that I see it full on…LOVE IT EVEN MORE! It looks so good on you! You should totally wear it all the time! And it looks so versatile too! In the fall with a chunky knit cardigan and booties or knee high boots and tights…?? DYING! And, I’m loving your hair too! Ok, I’m a little excited…could I use a few more exclamation points? haha-whoops.


    • Second City Mom says:

      Thank you so much, Lauren! When I first tried it on, I loved it then I thought…am I too old for this or am I cool enough for this? But it felt so right on. Maybe I can wear it when I visit you in Seattle?? I’m gonna make it happen, you know! Thanks for all your support! LYLAS!

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