Luke’s Day Out With Seadog Cruises at Navy Pier


Chicago comes alive in the summertime! It seems like everyone has come out of hibernation to celebrate making it through the bitter winter months (oh winter…I don’t want to even think about it now. This heat is brutal but I’ll take it over the windchill any day).

The city has so many great things going on every weekend that we have a hard time planning what to do. On top of that, our weekends are normally packed with birthday parties and playdates. I’m not complaining. It seems like Luke’s social calendar is always packed as we try to jam pack everything in. I mean, the summer isn’t going to last forever.

As fun as birthday parties and playdates are, the working mom guilt kicks in. With such nice weather, I’m normally sitting in the office working and Luke is at daycare playing with his friends. I sit and just wish we could be outside spending the day together, making memories. The fun age of four won’t last forever and before I know it, he will be in kindergarten or starting high school (okay, I’m thinking a bit too far into the future). I don’t want to look back on these days and wish I could’ve taken a day off here or there to have a day with no agenda, except to just have fun.

So on Friday, Charlie and I took the day off to spend with Luke. We asked him what he wanted to do and he said “eat doughnuts and pancakes and go to Navy Pier.” So we got in the car and started our day of fun with tons of sugar for Luke and caffeine for me and Charlie. It was nice because it felt so carefree and stress-free with no schedule. We took our time with everything. Luke enjoyed the Zoom Room exhibit at the Children’s Museum (he could stay there for hours) and the water fountain in front of Navy Pier…and lots of ice cream.


Luke’s day of fun also included a lakefront speedboat ride on the Seadog. I knew Luke would love it since he loves fast cars, well anything that goes fast. The boat ride went out to Lake Michigan and back to Navy Pier in 30 minutes. I loved the look on Luke’s face as he felt the wind against his face knowing how fast the boat was going. . During our ride, we were trying to look for fish in the lake. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any that day. Luke wanted me to show him our house from the lake, too. Oh Luke, if only we had a home with lake views. So we had to tell him that all the high rises were blocking our house, which is very true. LOL! Four year olds are so inquisitive. When the ride was over, he told us that he loved feeling the wind on his face and seeing my hair flying all over the place.

We were the first on the boat. Luke had a tough time choosing where to sit.


You can see the look on Luke’s face that he loved the speed of the ride. My hair..that’s another story.


I hope Luke will remember the day we had because I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. I’m glad we took the day off. We plan to do another fun day in August. I can’t wait!


Thank you, Entertainment Cruises Chicago for inviting Luke on the Seadog cruise. All pictures and opinions are my own.




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