Let’s Dress Up! In A Tropical Print Dress

Summer is currently in full swing! And so are all the good sales. I told myself that I didn’t need to buy any more new dresses or clothes. But when Ann Taylor had a huge sale on all their sale dresses ($35) a week ago, I couldn’t resist! Plus there was a coupon code for $30 off when you spend over $60, so I ended up purchasing two dresses for $40 in total! One of which was a tropical print dress, something a little out of my comfort zone.

Primary Image of Leafy Linen Blend Shirtdress

I wanted to buy a dress that I could wear now and on our future beach vacation (that I’m currently planning) so I picked the Leafy Linen Blend Shirtdress. To be honest, I was scared to make the purchase since it was final sale and I wasn’t sure how it would fit me. But I closed my eyes and clicked purchase button and wished for the best.  I’m glad I took the chance because I absolutely love the dress. It’s a little loose but that’s better than being too tight (whew), especially for the humid days in Chicago. I may just have to wear this dress to the office this summer. I thought the midi length would make the dress look more like a maxi dress on me but with a little bit of height on my shoes, it stayed looking like a midi dress.  I’ve always tended to stay away from linen since it wrinkles easily but I didn’t mind it much on this dress as the print somewhat hid the wrinkles. There’s a first for everything, right?

I wore the dress on Sunday morning around town and of course had Charlie snap a few pictures of me. He’s the best Instagram Husband. LOL! You don’t see Luke in these pictures as he spent the night at his grandma’s house. But I do want to take him back to some of these locations and snap some pictures of him and us.



About this door – I‘ve been eyeing this “Avocado Alley” door for some time since it’s so different and can be easy to miss from the crowds of tourist walking by it. It is part of the Su Casa Mexican Cuisine restaurant on Ontario Avenue near Michigan Avenue. BTW: we didn’t see any avocados. But at least the sign and door were cute.




Next we walked a few blocks down to the Rain Forest Cafe where the art on the side of the restaurant seemed kind of fitting for the tropical print dress I was wearing. Haha.


Finally, we stopped by the new flamingo mural near the Ohio House. I really wanted to take some pictures of the bigger flamingos on the Ohio Street side (the above picture was on the Wells Street side) but unfortunately my DSLR’s battery ran out of juice. And my back up battery was at home. As this was just a fun walk for me and Charlie, I didn’t think it was necessary to run home to get the other battery. I’m sure we will be back for more pictures of the flamingos. Some of which will include Luke, who is more fun to photograph.





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  1. Saioa says:

    Way to take a chance on new style ideas. I so oftentimes feel stuck in my style ways. Looking to break out of my usual dress habits. Maybe a tropical direction is in store for me. 🏝⛱

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