Twinning with My Toddler: Avarcas Sandals


“Twinning” is a new term or maybe it’s been around for awhile and I just now heard about it .  When people think of twinning with their toddler, they think mom and daughter or father and son. Well, I twin with my son and it’s fun! Growing up, I used to love matching with my mom. She would buy fabric and sew us the same style shirts. I always loved looking just like my mom. I can’t sew like my mom, so I do a lot of  shopping.


In my current situation, Luke is only two years old and he’s a boy, so I don’t want him to dress exactly like me but I want him to coordinate with me. It is a challenge to find coordinating clothes for mama-and-son outfits, especially sandals. But alas, I found the perfect sandals for the both us to “twin” in. They’re  Avarcas! These sandals are made in Spain and originated from the island of Menorca (where I want to visit one of these days).  For adults, the price point isn’t so bad, they start at $77. For children, it’s a bit on the pricey side, starting at $49. I decided to splurge on Luke’s and got him the sandals with the velcro strap.  I fell in love with them when they arrived. I ordered the brown sandals and the color was the perfect brown (they come in an assortment of other colors and even animal print). The quality of the leather was very high quality, too. So, I knew immediately that these were keepers.

Sizing Review:

I bought Luke a size 8 in kids (he currently wears a size 7) but they were too small for him. I called Avarcas and was told I could return them and that they will ship me a new pair in a larger size. All I had to do was pay the shipping to return the sandals and they would ship me back a new pair (no shipping fee).  So I ordered the size 9 and they fit  him perfectly. He hasn’t complained about them being too tight or bothering him. I wear a size 8 in shoes, so I ordered a size 8 in adults. They fit me perfectly at first but after some wear, the leather and strap are loosening up. I should have read more carefully when I ordered them. The website says to size down. The back straps do fall down once in awhile but not a lot to be bothering me. I walked all day in these shoes and they didn’t bother my feet one bit.

Overall, I would recommend these sandals to you or your child. They are versatile and perfect for city walking. I think we’ll be wearing them into the fall.

The pictures below are taken from a wall in the West Loop. I am starting to love all the wall art in Chicago. They make for great photos, and it’s an adventure to just find them. Details on our outfits are at the bottom of the photos.

 Luke: Shirt from Gymboree (here), Pants from GapKids, Hat from Target (in the dollar bin), Sandals from Avarcas (Frailera Style).

Me: I got the dress and vest from Old Navy for a total of $30. I think that’s as much as I spend on coffee for the whoel week. Dress from Old Navy for $8 (, Canvas vest from Old Navy for $22 (




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