Making a Wish at Crown Fountain

When you see a fountain, you normally threw a coin in and make a wish. Well, this isn’t the case at Crown Fountain (located in Millennium Park) .  Here, you’re supposed to run and splash around and wait for the water to come out of someone’s mouth on the LED screen tower. Maybe this should be the moment when you’re supposed to make a wish. So, that’s what I did….stood under a small rainbow, held Luke tightly, closed my eyes, and made my wish. I hope you make a wish when you’re at Crown Fountain too.


I have to add that it was exactly a year ago that we visited Crown Fountain (see post here). A lot has happened in a year and Luke has grown so much. But like last year, Luke wanted nothing to do with the water. It took a bit of coaxing to get him to run around, which he finally did…He didn’t want to leave after that.



2 thoughts on “Making a Wish at Crown Fountain

    • Second City Mom says:

      Deanna, you should go to Crown Fountain while the weather is still relative “warm.” It’s been a crazy summer in terms of weather, but I think the next few weeks will be perfect for a water outing! Enjoy and thanks for visiting my blog!

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