Let’s Shop and Eat! At Eataly Chicago

Happy New Year!!

I didn’t know whether to categorize Eataly Chicago as a place to eat or shop but I think it should be both.

I went to Eataly the Friday after Christmas…thinking no one would be there.  Boy was I wrong. The place was so crowded with people, it was hard to just get in the front door. It felt as if they were giving something away with the amount of people in the place. I couldn’t find a table to sit and eat. The wait for the restaurant was over an hour long. I  should have known better. Eataly was opened for less than a month and it was still a “holiday” week  for most people. I think I went on one of the most busiest days… when EVERYONE was off of work or still on vacation.

I did manage to order a glass of Prosecco at the bar and take a few pictures while there, but I wanted to get out because there were so many people. I wish I had better descriptions, but I was starting to feel very claustrophobic.

I think Eataly, without so many people, would be a great place to spend an afternoon to shop, eat, and discover some authentic Italian products. I am glad there is an Eataly in Chicago and hope to go again when it is less crowded. I do not recommend bringing a stroller here. If you do, have fun maneuvering around a sea of people.

Eataly 2

Eataly 4





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