6 Fun Books about Chicago to Read With Toddlers

A fun way to introduce or show the twins more about Chicago is through books. The pandemic has limited us to explore the city this past year. We’ve tried to be cautious on where to take the family around the city to make sure we can maintain proper social distancing. But it can be hard with two rambunctious and active toddlers.

We did a fun partnership with the Peninsula Hotels in December to promote their holiday e-book on Instagram, which inspired me to put this post together. And I love the picture of me reading to the boys that I wanted to share on the blog.

I’ve found that reading these books about Chicago with colorful illustrations has helped the twins learn more about Chicago. Hopefully they will recognize all these wonderful things and places about Chicago when we are out and about again. The other great thing about these books is that they are hardcover, which makes it hard for twins to tear apart. I have to admit though, they’ve tried eating them. I guess they find toddler books about Chicago tasty too?

I put together a list of 6 fun books about Chicago that you can read with your toddler. They are quick reads (hehe) and are illustrated in a way that my toddlers like to look at and point at. Sometimes they just want to sit and look at the pictures and I don’t even need to read!

Good Night Chicago // C is for Chicago // 123 Chicago // Night Night Chicago //Larry Loves Chicago // Chicago Baby

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