My Review of the New Colugo Complete Stroller (a stroller for city living)

If you have ever had to shop or in the market for a stroller for your newborn or toddler, I think you might agree with me. It’s like buying a car. With so many different strollers at different price points, you have find the one that meets not only your baby’s needs but also your needs. Meaning, how often and where will you use the stroller? Also, how long do you want to keep the stroller?

Earlier this winter, Colugo sent me their newColugo Complete stroller and asked for my honest review of the stroller I first heard of the brand when I saw a few other friends and bloggers use the Colugo Compact stroller, which seemed perfect for travel.

Who is Colugo? A little bit of background about the brand

Colugo is a fairly new company (started in 2017), after twin parents and founder, Ted Iobst and his wife realized how overwhelming and frustrating stroller shopping experience can be and then realizing the stroller they purchased did not seem to match what they needed for city living. After talking with other parents, they realized most of us had the same issues.

Colugo first came out with the compact stroller and has since added the full frame stroller called the Colugo Complete Stroller, which is geared for families living in the city.

What Makes the Colugo Complete Stroller Different From All The Other Full Frame Strollers?

The Price – shipped directly from Colugo ($445)

The price for the Colugo Complete Stroller compared to the Uppababy or Bugaboo is about half the price – $450. Most of the savings is due to the fact that the stroller is delivered directly from Colugo instead of a third party retailer. (As of July 16, 2020, the Colugo Complete Stroller can be purchased at Target).

The stroller comes in a compact box and is very easy to put together.

100 Day Trial

Because you may not have the opportunity to try out the stroller in a store, Colugo offers a 100 day trial. You can return the stroller if you it’s right for you.

The Weight – lighter than other full frame strollers

The frame weighs 15 pounds. With the seat, the stroller weighs a total of 24.5 pounds. Most other full frame strollers can weigh over 25 pounds.

My Overall Review of the Colugo Complete Stroller

Overall – I really like this stroller. But I do wish Colugo made a double stroller. For a full frame stroller, it’s compact, yet comfortably fits my toddler and great for navigating Chicago city streets. I like the sleek look of the stroller. The belt straps were a bit confusing to put together as first because I wasn’t used to that type of buckle. But I got the hang of it after awhile.

The ease of folding and unfolding the stroller in two steps

I like the simplicity of opening up and collapsing the Colugo Complete stroller with just a few steps. This makes it easier to take out and put back in the trunk. Moreover, the stroller has a compact fold so you can easily store it when out to a restaurant.

The durability and maneuvering

The stroller is easy to move around and holds well even on city street/sidewalk bumps. I was able to lift the stroller up on a sidewalk with no problems.

The Forward and Rear Facing Seat

The seat can be forward facing or rear facing. Colugo does a great job of making it simple and easy to change the direction of seat. You don’t have to read the manual. The seat also reclines for your baby to lie flat.

The Colugo Complete stroller does not come with an infant seat or bassinet. You will have purchase that separately.

Ample storage space

The basket is a great size. I was able to fit both our diaper backpack and my Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag and even had some extra room to spare.

What I would change about the Colugo Complete Stroller

The Canopy

I love that the Colugo Complete Stroller has a UPF 50+ canopy and the mesh feel and look. But I wished the canopy could extend further down for those extra sunny days or for more privacy for a sleeping baby.

Adjustable Frame

The height of the Colugo Complete stroller is actually a good height for me. I’m 5’4″. It’s great when the stroller is forward facing.

But when the seat is rear facing, the handle bar is too far from the baby, making it a bit hard to reach over to the child. Therefore, I wished you could adjust the frame. This would be especially helpful with a newborn/infant to be able to be a little closer to your baby.

Double Stroller

Currently Colugo only has single strollers but I hope they come out with a twin or double stroller for people with multiples. I think the double stroller would be a huge competitor to the ones out right now.

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