5 Things You Should Know About the New Britax One4Life Car Seat

Disclaimer: Thank you Britax for the One4Life car seats. All photos and opinions in this post are my own.

Levi and Cruz being fully fitted in the Britax One4Life car seats

This month Britax is introducing its new car seat – the Britax One4Life all-in-one car seat!

What makes the One4Life car seat different from the rest? It’s the first all-in-one car seat that you can use for your growing child(ren) for their first 10 years. Which means you can use the One4Life car seat to protect your children from their very first ride home all the way to the booster seat phase. No more having to purchase new car seats for every new phase of your children’s car seat years. It’s the only one you’ll ever need. That’s the reason behind the name – One4Life!

The Britax One4Life car seats are available for purchase on Britax’s website, and also on Amazon and buybuybaby.

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of welcoming the the Britax team and the Britax Child Passenger Safety Technician (“CPST”) into our home to introduce us to the One4Life car seat and to help us properly fit the twins and Luke into their new car seats. It was such a great experience because I not only got the peace of mind that my children would be properly fitted their car seats but I also learned about all the features of the One4Life car seat.

Cruz and Levi were very happy to have visitors in our home. It was very fun and cute to see them interact with the Britax CPST. She definitely made them feel comfortable enough to sit on her lap while she demonstrated all the features of the car seat to us. With safety in mind, the CPST showed us what modes what modes to use for the twins, who are 14 months old for Luke, who is 7 years old. The CPST then showed us how to fit the seats into our car. She demonstrated how easy it was using the ClickTight Installation (more on that later).

Using my knowledge on how to properly buckle the babies in the One4Life car seat.
Ready to pick up big brother

We then put the twins in their new car seats and went to pick up Luke from school. Luke was very excited about his car seat because he said it was very comfortable. He still loves sitting in car seats and this was great way to see how the twins will be in One4Life car seat when they get Luke’s age. We were all beyond excited to have the One4Life car seats that day!

The car seats are so comfortable that the twins quickly fell asleep on our way to pick up Luke! I’m pretty sure the padding of the seats made it even more comfortable for the twins to stay napping too!

We’ve been driving around Chicago with the One4Life car seats for a few weeks now and I wanted to share the reasons why we love it so far! The kids are definitely more comfortable in their new car seats when we’re out exploring the city.


The One4Life car seat transitions between modes: from a rear-facing seat for infants and extended rear-facing toddlers (for children weighing 5-50 lbs.), to a forward-facing 5-point harness seat (22-65 lbs.), to a high-back belt-positioning booster seat (40-120lbs.).

I’ve always known Britax for their safety features* and good reputation on their car seats. When I heard that Britax was coming out with the One4Life car seat, the first thing I thought of was that this car seat is not only safe but sustainable! Meaning, we won’t be changing car seats for the twins from now on. Which hopefully helps the environment as we will not need to replace these car seats for new car seats as they grow. The One4Life car seats will grow with the twins and will be the last car seats we will ever need.

Easy Customization

The conveniently located quick-push, 9-position recline allows us to simply adjust positions with one touch. Right now, the twins are set to “2” as instructed by the CPST. As they grow older, we can customize the recline to their comfort/liking.

As for Luke, we moved the recline system into “B” mode and stored the straps and buckle into the built-in harness compartment.

Simple and Secure ClickTight Installation

I always thought installing a car seat was to be very complex and challenging. So I always relied on Charlie to do that for me. But when the CPST showed us how to securely install the One4LIfe car seat with three simple steps, I knew I could do it too. Well, in fact I was asked to show Charlie how to install it after the CPST demonstrated it to me.

It’s as simple as buckling a seatbelt: just lift the ClickTight door to open, thread and buckle the vehicle seat belt, and click it closed.

This makes it convenient for everyone, including our nanny, family or neighbors who may need to use the car seats in their own cars for the twins. We can now remove the One4Life car seat from one car and into another in a matter of a few simple steps.

Machine Washable Seat Cover

The naturally flame- retardant SafeWash cover is available on four models (Drift, Eclipse black, Cadet, Plum), which can be easily cleaned between rides; the cover is safe to machine wash and dry.

This is a huge plus for us since life with toddlers (and boys) is pretty messy.

Comfortable and Comes Two Cup Holders!

It is safe to say that everyone is happy in their One4Life car seats. The twins seem a lot happier and less fussy. I love the feel of the cushioned covers.

The One4Life car seats comes with two removable, dishwasher-safe cupholders keep drinks and snacks within reach. So now I just put some snacks and a sippy cup for each of the seats and the twins are happy to have food readily available!

*”The exclusive Britax Safety Suite offers SafeCell Technology, an industrial-strength steel frame and a patented V-shaped tether. SafeCell Technology acts as a crumple zone, absorbing crash energy to help keep it away from your child. The high-strength steel frame reinforces the seat structure to help keep it stabilized. Attached to the car seat in two places, the patented V-shaped tether with staged-release stitches helps slow and reduce forward movement during a crash. The One4Life also offers two layers of side impact protection in its energy-absorbing shell and foam lining that surround the child’s head, neck and spine

Ready to Explore!

The kids have loved exploring the city sitting in their new car seats. We’ve been stopping for picture opps in front of lots of murals. Please watch out for my next post on where to find rainbow murals in Chicago. Including the mural in the picture above!

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