Let’s Explore! My Favorite Places To Take Our Bugaboo Donkey² Stroller in Chicago

Bugaboo in the City – Greetings from Chicago Mural in Logan Square

You guys! I recently partnered with Bugaboo to share with BugabooUSA’s Instagram page my favorite places to explore, eat and play in Chicago with our Bugaboo Donkey² twin stroller as part of its Bugaboo in the City edition! It’s like a mini-guide for stroller-friendly places in Chicago. 

Let me just say that I was very honored and excited that Bugaboo asked us to work on this collaboration with them. Not only do we love the Bugaboo twin stroller but as city explorers, it was a great way to share with their followers some of our favorite places in Chicago. 

In my opinion, when you live in a big city, I think you need a good stroller that can weather the city terrain. Bugaboo has a great reputation for their strollers based on their quality, durability and style. So when we were looking for double strollers for our city use, we knew we wanted to check out the Bugaboo Donkey twin stroller. 

Picking five places in Chicago to share is hard because the city has so many great things to do, see and eat! But here are the five places we picked while using our Bugaboo stroller. 

Millennium Park

Millennium Park is not only for tourists but for Chicagoans alike. Located in the heart of the city, the park hosts concerts and kids activities throughout the year. Cloudgate (aka “The Bean”) is not to be missed and is such an iconic piece of public art that everyone of all ages can admire

Doughnut Vault

Doughnut Value is located in the River North neighborhood and has some of the best doughnuts in town. There’s a special flavor doughnut each day. They normally sell out, so get there early! In the summer, there is an outdoor patio where you can sit and enjoy all the doughnuts your heart desires.

Garfield Park Conservatory

Garfield Park Conservatory is perfect for a cold or rainy day… well, any day! The botanical conservation houses thousands of plant species with eight indoor display gardens. The conservatory is very stroller friendly with wide walkways, and there’s even an area for kids to learn and play.

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago hosts stroller tours that are designed for parents and kiddos to explore the current MCA exhibitions. In addition, the MCA hosts Family Day once a month for kids to learn about and make art. Both events are free.

The Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park Zoo

We normally head to the Lincoln Park Nature Boardwalk after spending time at the zoo. The boardwalk is spacious for everyone and for strollers and is always a great way to get in a good skyline view of the city.

What We Like About the Bugaboo Donkey² Twin Stroller 

I never thought I would say this but now that I’m a twin mom, I am so happy that there are strollers made for twins! I like that we can use this stroller for when the twins are infants to when they are toddlers. The stroller comes with two bassinets that you put side by side. The bassinets are long and roomy and at four months, the twins are still using the bassinet. And yes, the side by side bassinets fit through doors!

The wheels on the Bugaboo Donkey stroller are big, which makes it a smooth ride for the twins and easy for me to steer (even with one hand). It is easy to fold up and and open (with some practice, it gets easier) but it is heavy…because double stroller. There is plenty of space for storage at the bottom of the stroller. When you have twins, you need the storage space. Well, when you have a baby, having a stroller with ample storage space is always a plus!

The Bugaboo Donkey stroller can turn from a twin stroller to single stroller or from the duo to mono by removing the second seat and with a few clicks and a small push. This is a great feature for when one of us wants to just take one twin with us and the other one stays home with the other twin or when one of us holds one twin in a carrier and the other twin is in the stroller. This hasn’t happened yet…but we were thinking of all these possibilities when we looked into the Bugaboo twin stroller. H

You can now customize your Bugaboo stroller on the Bugaboo website! What? Mind blowing! I’ve always told people that picking out a stroller is like going through the same decision making as buying a car. Now that statement is even more true as Bugaboo lets you customize your stroller from the chassis to the fabrics on your stroller. How cool is that? And can I say it was so fun to do and then view how your stroller looks like throughout the whole process? 

For our customized double stroller, we picked the aluminum chassis, grey melange base fabric (for bassinet and stroller seat), and blue melange sun canopy. Bugaboo gives you the option to pick different base fabrics and sun canopies for each seat but we decided to make both the seats look the same. 


Thank you Bugaboo for the fun Instagram collaboration. All pictures and opinions are my own. 

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