Let’s Play! What We Loved About Galileo Summer Camp in Chicago

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This summer was Luke’s first summer not going to daycare. It’s also his first summer as a “big kid” as he went to summer camp. With the completion of kindergarten behind him, Luke as ready for some summer fun, especially camp.

Also this summer, I was very pregnant. So we had to find a summer camp that was convenient to our home and had after care hours. When I heard that Galileo Camps was coming to Chicago this summer, I had to look it up and see what it was all about. Galileo Camps is for kids from Pre-K to 5th grade.  Based on what we read on the website and from our friends, we decided to enroll Luke for two weeks at Galileo Camps and here’s what we loved about Galileo Camps.

What Luke Loved About Galileo Camps

We enrolled Luke during the weeks of “The Incredible Human Body” and “Space Explorers.” He came home the first day telling us about blood cells and what he learned about the human body. To be honest, he was telling me about a lot of things that I didn’t know. The camp setting was not like a classroom setting but more interactive.

During the second week of camp, Luke learned about space and was able to make some projects such as the solar system, the moon rover, etc. He was happy to take the projects home and show us what he made and what he learned.

Overall, Luke loved learning new things while being able to make things at camp.


What Charlie (dad) Loved About Galileo Camps

When Charlie went online to read about the camp, he was blown about with the science and engineer aspect of the camp. Being an engineer himself, he wanted to give Luke exposure anything engineering. Charlie loved having discussions with Luke about all that he did at Galileo Camps.


What I (mom) Loved About Galileo Camps

When Galileo Camps contacted me that they were starting camp in Chicago, I was happy to see that it was held at a location close to our home. I was so pregnant at the time that the less time commuting to drop Luke off, the better. I loved that Galileo Camps also had extended care so that working parents can pick up their kids after camp ended and that camp counselors kept the kids busy.  Being a Type A planner, I appreciated that the camp sent out a newsletter the week before camp detailing what we needed to know for the week. Most of all, I loved the “pep rally” environment at drop off. It gave the kids the opportunity to get excited about the day.

We plan to enroll Luke in Galileo Camps next year, hopefully at the same location!


Thank you Galileo Camps for hosting Luke. All opinions and pictures are our own. 

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