Let’s Explore! The Happy Place Pop-Up in Chicago


Earlier this week, we had a fun family night previewing the HAPPY PLACE pop-up in Chicago. The Happy Place started as a pop-up in Los Angeles this past winter to showcase fun, multi-sensory rooms for everyone to experience.

With the success of the installation in Los Angeles, the Happy Place decided to move its pop-up to Chicago from June 28 to August 6! The Chicago pop-up has 12 rooms. What I was told was that each room is supposed to evoke a positive emotion or to Capture Your Happy.

I showed Luke a few pictures of the Happy Place before we went and it got him really excited. He was excited to experience it….I was excited to take pictures of him experience it. Let me just say, the 12 rooms are definitely “instagram-worthy.”

Luke’s favorite rooms were the giant pot of happiness, where he could jump into all the yellow balls, and the Confetti Dome because he loved the confetti flying around all over the place. I even managed to take some of the confetti home…since some somehow got into my dress. I hope you enjoy some of the pictures!








A Few Things To Know Before You Go

Who can go to the Happy Place?  – Just about anyone. I think it’s one of the most fun activities for kids to in Chicago this summer.

Where is the Happy Place located in Chicago?  – 1004 N. Elston. There is street parking but public transportation or ride-share might be better.

Is there food at the Happy Place? – Yes but that is at the end of installation with unicorn mac and cheese and rainbow cotton candy.

When is the best time to go? –  I would recommend going during non-peak hours or during the week.

How long does it take to go through all the rooms at the Happy Place? – About an hour.

What are the hours? – Mon/Wed/Thu (11 AM to 8 PM); Fri/Sat/Sun (10 AM to 8 PM)

Where can I buy tickets? – See link here.

How long will the pop-up be in Chicago? – June 28 to August 6.


Thank you the Happy Place for inviting me and my family to preview this fun installation! 






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