Let’s Celebrate! 2018 and My #1 Goal

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Happy 2018! Happy belated new year!

Last year, I decided to do a post on my goals and resolutions for 2017. Although I didn’t meet all my goals, I did manage to give my blog more attention and wrote and posted from the heart. To be honest, it felt good! Really good. I was able to find my voice again. I was starting to have fun blogging. I had more fun posting pictures to the blog than posting to Instagram. I’m feeling this shift to more blogging less Instagramming. Can that be possible?

Speaking of pictures, most of my pictures from my 2017 blog posts were taken with my new Fujifilm X-T10 mirrorless digital camera, which was one of my goals in 2017.  I have to say, I love the quality of the camera and the 35mm lens. But I still have so much more to learn and will share my review on that camera soon (another little goal in 2018 but not the main goal).

This year, I’m not going to list a lot goals and resolutions. I thought doing that in 2017 gave me a great start and new direction for this blog and my growth. It gave me more confidence in what I put out here. It taught me take a few risks and to be true to myself, no matter what the expectations of a “momblogger” or lifestyle blogger should share as content. It also taught me to be a better blogger. It felt refreshing to know that I didn’t fit into any mold and I want to keep it that way.

In 2018, I’m going to continue to blog what I love. Show you more of my Chicago. Share some personal “real” moments or thoughts in my “Let’s Get Real” series, including motherhood.  And keep my blog name – Second City Mom! Thanks to Luke, I’ll always be a mom!

It’s hard not to look around and see what everyone else is doing and what they’re doing well at. But I’m going to stay in my lane. Do my thing, whether it works or not. I’ve always felt that every step forward I take, something happens and I have to take two steps back. It’s quite frustrating since I see so many others just progressing in their lives, career or social media presence and feel like I’m not going anymore or measuring up. But I’m going to put an end to that in 2018. I’m putting an end to the expectations of what I should be doing at my age or stage in life or where I should be at.

So my #1 goal in 2018 is celebrate every step forward. Be less frustrated with the two steps back and learn from those mistakes or set-backs. And most importantly – remind myself that I’m right where I need to be – which is to stay present.


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