French Friday! 5 French Graphic Tees from Anthropologie That I Love

Anthropologie French Graphic Tees

Back in March, I shared a fun French Friday post all about French graphic t-shirts. Did I tell you I’m a bit obsessed with them? Oui, oui!

I just noticed that Anthropologie recently released more French graphic tees than I’ve ever seen them do before! As an avid Anthro shopper, I normally only see one or two French graphic t-shirts a season. And most of the time, they sell out.  Maybe they read my blog post about it this past winter and thought it would be a good idea to sell more? Yeah right…wishful thinking. But if you’re reading this Anthropologie, great job on this season’s French graphic t-shirts!

Here are my picks of some of Anthropologie’s French graphic t-shirts for this season.

‘C’est Cool” cuffed graphic tee ($78)

I’m thinking I’ll look like a cool mom in this tee…well, I hope Luke thinks I’m cool.



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