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About a year ago, I started selling some of clothes in my closet that I can no longer fit into. As much as I wanted to keep them for sentimental reasons, I knew I had to let them go. I had the Poshmark app installed on my phone since April 2014 but never used it until August 2016. I listed my first item and it was purchased within a minute of posting it. I really thought it was too good to be true. I’ve been mildly successful with reselling my clothes since then. Back in March I shared a blog post about using Poshmark and what I learned about using it.

Around the time I was just starting out using Poshmark last year, I saw that some Poshers (a term you use to call other users of the app) were posting about going to Poshfest 2016 in Los Angeles. My first thought was….there’s a conference for Poshmark users? My second question was…what tips can I learn from Poshfest? My final question was…why didn’t I know about this sooner?

Poshfest is a an annual conference for users of the app to attend, connect, and learn some more about selling on the app. I saw some social media pictures from Poshfest 2016 and thought it looked so fun.




Luckily for me, Poshfest was held in Chicago this year. I was invited by RXBAR, a Poshfest sponsor, to attend and experience the conference last weekend and I gladly accepted the invitation. Poshfest 2017 was held at Venue Six10 in Chicago, right off Michigan Avenue. If you ever get a chance to get inside that building, you will love the views as much I did.

The conference was set up like an academy with sessions for the Freshman (newer users) and Varsity (for the more experienced users). I attended mostly the Freshman sessions as I had a lot more to learn about Poshmark and using the app.


I had such an enlightening experience at Poshfest 2017. It opened my eyes to the power of the little app and how some people have made a living from it. It had me thinking of a possible career change. But before that, I’m sharing my takeaways from the Poshfest 2017:

Poshmark Is A Community

Just like any social media network or app, Poshmark is a community and it depends on how often you use the app or how active you are on it. Poshmark does make some sellers “suggested users” which helps new users find accounts to follow, etc. I had a chance to talk to some of the people at the conference and it was quite fun learning about that, what brands they like to sell, where they are from and how they got started. I ended up following everyone I met because I wanted to see more of their closets on Poshmark.

People Can Make a Living Using Poshmark

I attended a session that talked about how people use Poshmark as their sole way to earn money. I’ve been mildly successful with my sales but compared to the speakers at the conference, I am not even close to their level of success. There are some users who resell finds at thrift stores or consign for their friends. I was blown away to hear their level of commitment and their tips on doing so.

Timing is Key to Better Sales

A great tip I learned was when to list or lower the price of your item. Some Poshers say early mornings work while others say certain evenings work best. Their tip is to figure out when your followers are most likely on the app so that your listing will show up in their feed. It kind of sounds like the Instagram algorithm. haha.

Success on Poshmark Depends on How Active You Are on the App

A few tips I learned about how to be successful on Poshmark is that you need to be active on the app. I’ve been lucky with a few of my sales as I list and the items are sold fairly quickly but there’s more to the app than just posting. In order to get your closet noticed, you may need to share other people’s items and/or like their items. It’s like a share for a share. That way, your item will reach more people and hopefully the chances of it being sold is higher. Some of the successful Poshers follow a lot users’ closets in order to get those users to follow their closets or share from their closet.  I’m gonna get started on sharing more and following more right now!

Finally, I learned that you and use Pinterest and other social media sites to share items from your closet to increase your chances of selling your item quicker. Okay, I’m using that option more often from now on!

I was only able to attend one day but I wished I attended both days to learn and hear about more success stories and tips on making Poshmark work for me.



Thank you RXBAR for hosting me and my friend at Poshfest 2017. I had a such a great time learning more about Poshmark. All pictures and opinions are my own. 


2 thoughts on “My PoshFest Experience

  1. laurenkahan says:

    Oh, I’ve always wondered about Poshmark!! I sell most of my clothes and Maya’s on eBay, but I keep wondering if that’s the best way for me. I’ve mostly just sold there, because I can’t handle learning anything NEW haha. Ugh…you’ve intrigued me though.

    So fun that they have a conference too! Yay you for getting invited to go!


    • Second City Mom says:

      I’ve only tried Poshmark so I’m like you…I can’t learn anything new. LOL!! All I know is there is a huge market for gently used or vintage clothing. I should’ve started reselling years ago! Thanks for reading, Lauren! I hope you guys have a good week ahead.

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