Let’s Explore! Luke’s Favorite Murals In Chicago

Chicago’s public art scene, especially murals, is so fun to explore! These murals add so much color and character to the city. Some are so big that you can’t miss them either driving or walking down the street. Others are located in neighborhood streets or alleys. If you’ve been reading the blog or follow me on Instagram, I think you will see that we love explore these murals.

What I’ve noticed from these city explorations is that both Luke and Charlie are starting to see the city differently. They point out doors, murals, and facades to me. It was not my intention in the beginning. I just wanted to create some fun family memories. But I love that Luke is getting in on the exploration…he just doesn’t like taking pictures in front of the walls. And I respect that.

I hope to instill a spirit of adventure and exploration in him so that he will continue this tradition in Chicago or where ever he travels. Hopefully he will take me with him on some of his explorations when he’s older. Maybe even pay for my trip to some fun place in Europe. LOL

I went through my Instagram hashtag #LukeAndWalls the other night and asked Luke which of the walls were his favorite so far. He picked six Chicago walls for various reasons. I thought it would be fun to share them and add his commentary on a few of them. I hope you enjoy!

Greetings From Chicago Mural

Greetings from Chicago Mural 

Location: Logan Square (California Blue Line stop) / Artist: Victor Ving

The reason why Luke likes the Greetings from Chicago mural is because it says the word “Chicago” and that the fifth letter has images of all the Chicago sports teams. He is very proud to live in Chicago by the way.


Pizza Wings Mural 

Location: West Loop (Parlor Pizza 108 N. Green St.) / Artist: JCRivera

Luke loves pizza and the thought of flying with pizza wings is very cool. He’s very proud that he spotted the pizza wings mural before I did. He reminds me of his discovery every time we pass by it.

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Parlor Pizza opened up a third location in the River North neighborhood with even bigger pizza wings on the restaurant’s windows by the same artist.

Location: River North (Parlor Pizza 405 N. Dearborn St.)


Love Wall

Location: Bucktown (@properties 1843 N. Damen) / Artist: Matthew Hoffman

Luke picked Love wall because he said he can read the word “Love” and that he loves me and that I’m the best mama ever! (Okay, I’m crying right now)


Avocado Mural 

Location: West Loop (Mott50 Pop Up on 160 N. Morgan) / Artist: Gretta Kruesi

Fact, Luke doesn’t like eating avocados. It’s not his favorite food. He picked avocado mural because he said he knew I loved avocados. Avocado smoothies are my jam!

Update: 10/15/17: The avocado mural has been removed as the pop up shop closed. 


City Mural

Location: Lincoln Park (Interior Define 833 W. Armitage Ave) / Artist: Nate Otto

Luke likes this wall because it’s a cool picture of a town and he thinks it’s our town. He wants to come back drive his toy cars on it. He said it needs cars. Did you know Luke loves cars? (insert sarcasm)


The Bear Champ

Location: Various locations // Artist: JCRivera

Last but not least, Luke can spot this bear by artist JCRivera from any where. The artist’s work is spread out across the city. Every time Luke sees the bear, he asks me to take a picture of him in front of it. I think we might make it our goal in 2018 to find as many of these bear murals as possible!

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