Our 5th Year at Lollapolooza

I can’t believe it…we’ve been going to Lollapalooza since 2013!  We started going because my friend and coworker told me that it is kid-friendly because they had Kidzapalooza. She had two kids of her own when she told me this. She inspired me to go and take Luke the first year to Kidzapalooza and we loved it! So we have been going ever since!

We’ve been making the music festival a summer bucket list item and a family tradition. I shared some tips on my blog post last year if you’re interested or thinking about going next year.

This year was a little different for us. We met up with a few friends at Kidzapalooza: Tabitha and April, two moms I met on Instagram and who have children the same age as Luke. This year was also quite different, the temperature dropped to about 50 – 60 degrees. It was much colder than usual. It was crazy to think we were at Lolla in our jackets! But we made it work.

Dress from Madewell; Backpack from French Baskets via Etsy

We noticed some updates to this year’s festival that we liked:

  • A skating rink that plays 80’s music with arcade games (that you don’t need to pay to play!). We tried to rent a pair of skates for Luke but they didn’t have skates that were small for his feet. Maybe next year.
  • There used to be port-a-potties lined up on Columbus street when you enter the festival. Those were all gone this year. You might be wondering why I’m talking about this. Well for one thing, you never know when your little ones need to go and secondly, port-a-potties are usually gross. But this year, the updated port-a-potties flushed! Meaning you don’t have to see the gross stuff in there. Although there were less bathrooms this year, I would take the updated one any day!
  • Kidzapolooza is still in the same area and this year, there was a skate board ramp. Yes, Luke wanted to try it out but we didn’t bring a skateboard.
  • I’m obsessed with sparkling rose and this year, Lollapolooza had Cupcakes Vineyards there serving not only sparkling rose but also frozen rose (frose)! This mama was very happy!
  • The artwork near the Perry Stage was from artist Justus Roe. I think we rocked that wall!

I didn’t share any pictures of the performers or around the stages. It’s because we spent most of time hanging around Lollapolooza..that’s what makes it so fun. Charlie and I did return that evening to watch the The Killers while Luke was with his babysitter.

I hope more of our friends come along next year so we can make it a mini-party!



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