Let’s Walk! The Colorful Homes in the Old Town Triangle

About 10 years ago, my friends rented an apartment in the Old Town Triangle District located in the Old Town neighborhood. I remember hanging out at their place and walking over to Twin Anchor for some ribs. I never really ventured to other parts of the neighborhood until two years ago when I read a article that Chicago’s most adorable house was for sale (picture above). I decided to go look for it and in the process of doing so, I saw this other side of the Old Town Triangle – colorful homes

A little piece of history

The Old Town Triangle was settled by German immigrants in the 1850’s whose community centered around St. Michael’s Church. The church survived the Chicago Fire in 1871. Although not all the homes survived the fire, new homes were built like small cottages that provided shelter to those who lost everything in the Fire. The neighborhood is currently lined with cottages and larger homes made of wood or brick on narrow streets – which all add to the charm of the neighborhood.

A few weeks ago, I had the inspiration to visit the neighborhood again. We took a walk in the neighborhood to admire the architecture of some of the houses and to learn a little bit more about the area. There are more beautiful homes in Old Town but I just wanted to share a few of my favorite colorful homes!

The Brightest Yellow House With a Charming Courtyard

I love everything about this house, including its red door but I must admit, I really want to have a cocktail or party in that courtyard to the side.

Menomonee Club for Boys and Girls

The Menomonee Club for Boys and Girls blue second floor with the rainbow captured my attention!  Based on their website – “The Club, a not-for-profit organization, was founded in 1946 by a group of concerned Old Town neighbors to ‘provide wholesome recreation as a means of keeping children off the streets.'” It’s great seeing that the club is still in existence today!

Purple House with All the Trimmings

I must admit, I have never seen this house before. I don’t know how I ever missed it! It is one of my favorites in the city, especially because it’s purple and the detailing on the windows just add so much character. I. WANT. TO. MOVE. IN!

A Garage Door with a Garage Sign

I love anything vintage and this garage sign is perfectly placed…on top of a garage!

A few things we learned about the Old Town Triangle:

  • The area was settled by German immigrants in the 1850’s whose community centered around St. Michael’s Church (a good friend of mine got married there about 7 years ago).
  • The Old Town Triangle District was designated a Chicago Landmark in 1977. The neighborhood was added to the US National Register of Historic Places in 1984. You can find the placard and the historical landmark of the neighborhood at its pedestrian entrance on Wells and Menomonee.
  • The neighborhood hosts an annual “Old Town Art Fair” held every June.
  • There is a walking app for the neighborhood…I’m sure it is more informative than this blog post.
  • There are pedestrian only entrances to the neighborhood off Wells St.



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