French Friday! French Graphic Straw Beach Bags

First of all – happy Bastille Day!! I still haven’t figured how we are going to celebrate Bastille Day yet…but if I had the day off, it would most likely be at the beach (with my cool French graphic beach bag)!

In Chicago, the official Bastille Day celebration is tonight at Lycee Francais school in Ravenswood. We went last year when it was at Montrose Harbor and it was a lot of fun.

I also found this great article on how to celebrate Bastille Day like a Parisian and what to eat on Vogue’s website.


Straw beach bags in St-Jean-de-Luz

Okay, now to this week’s French Friday post – French graphic beach bags, straw bags, market bags, or whatever you want to call it. I had so much fun with the French-inspired graphic tee post that I thought it was time to share something along those lines but with straw beach bags. Just as a disclaimer, I wouldn’t recommend wearing a French graphic t-shirt with a French graphic straw bag. But having both of them is okay, just wear them on separate occasions.

On our day trip to St-Jean-De-Luz, I came across so many cute French beach/market bags. I saw the “Madame a la Plage” bag that I really liked but didn’t buy because I thought I wouldn’t have room in my luggage for it. I normally have buyers remorse more than non-buyers remorse but in this case…I somewhat regretted not getting it. Thinking back, I could’ve used it as a carry-on instead of packing it. But hindsight is 20/20 I guess.

I can just imagine how cute and practical that bag would be since we’ve been to the beach a few times this summer. Emphasis on practical because you do need take a bag to the beach, right? I mean we need to put Luke’s toys in somewhere, right? Right?

You see, my impulsive shopping normally backfires on me since I end up trying to pack something in my luggage that won’t fit, take the item home and never use it, and worse of all, have buyers remorse. My sensible shopping also backfires because I get home and start obsessing about why I didn’t buy the item and then start searching for similar things sold in the U.S. but that are never just as good. I guess I never win.

So this is a result of my sensible shopping in St-Jean-de-Luz, I’ve been searching for a French graphic beach/straw bag to use this summer. I found a few cute ones that I like but I’m still wishing I had purchased the one in France since it’s from France and for a fraction of the price. Charlie tells me now there’s a reason to go back (I can’t wait). In the meantime, here’s my roundup of what is available at home.

“La Plage” bag by Kayu at Bloomingdales

“Rose All Day” bag by Poolside at MODA OPERANDI

“Bonjour” bag from Amazon

“La Vie est Belle” from Etsy

Straw beach tote with

Image via Etsy (Willowgrace84 shop)

“A La Plage” bag from Joie

“bon voyage” bag from Etsy

personalized french market basket,monogrammed straw bag,beach tote,moroccan basket,straw tote handbag,beach bag,french basket,natural basket

Image via Etsy (MyMorroconStore shop)

“Merci” bag at Free People

If you’re not into having any graphics on your straw bag, I just discovered French Baskets, which makes  (all handmade) and ships straw bags from Morocco.  They also have an shop on Etsy and the prices on their Etsy French Baskets shop seem to be lower than their website. No idea why.

I know this post is about beach and straw bags but I have been eyeing these C’est La Vie sandals from Anthropologie. I think they would make great beach shoes, non?


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  1. Rebecca Plotnick says:

    Even though you didn’t get the bag you initially wanted you found such great back up options! I have a straw bag addiction they are so fun and versatile! Enjoy Bastille Day!

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