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About four years ago, my cousin came back from South Korea with all these skincare products. She was raving about how her skin looked and felt better after using the products. Shortly after that I heard about BB Creams (short for “beauty and blemish” cream) which originated in South Korea. BB Creams claim to help with your complexion to combat blemishes and help with the anti-aging process at the same time. As these creams are formulated in Asia, I wanted to give them a try in hopes that there might be a better chance that the hues will complement my skin tone.

And I was right!

I decided to give BB Creams a try four years ago. At the recommendation of my cousin, I tried a BB Cream by Missha, which has a US website (shipping did not cost more than the actual product). I purchased a few BB Creams from Missha and found the color that matched my skin perfectly! The coverage was not as good as the foundation. So I use the Bare Minerals powder foundation over the BB Cream, which seem to be the perfect coverage.

I am now hooked on Missha’s BB Cream (especially the M Signature Complete in Honey Beige #27) and can honestly say I can’t leave the house without it on. The cream matches my skin so well. And I’ve seen some improvement in my skin (I don’t break out anymore).

As a fan of Missha, I started to look at their other products (cleansers, toners, etc) and realized that the price point was very reasonable compared the products I had been using, sometimes about half the price.  So I started to try more of their products (with more hits than misses) and just noticed that my bathroom counter is mostly products by Missha!  It also helps that I am now a VIP member (after spending over a certain $ amount and get 30% off all their products + free shipping). But I’ve found the prices on Amazon are a lot lower.

I’m not a beauty or skincare expert but when it comes to my own skin (combination to mostly oily, prone to break outs and many fine lines), I know what works for me. The outcome may not be the same for everyone. For me, I’ve seen an improvement in the way my skin looks and feel.  In my opinion…the KBeauty phenomenon does live up to its hype! Before, I had a one step process – wash my face. Now it’s a multiple step process, which can take a lot of time in the evenings, but I think the benefits are worth the time put into it.


Left to right: Cleansing oil –  Foam cleanser –  Toner –  Refreshing cleansing foam

The MM Perfect Deep Cleansing Oil  (also sold on Amazon at a lower price) is my first step to cleansing my skin in the evening, especially when to take the make up off. I tried the MM Perfect BB Deep Cleansing Oil with some concerns: wouldn’t the oil make my oily skin oilier and wouldn’t extra oil produce more acne? None of that happened. In fact, when I applied to a cotton ball to wipe the make up off my face, all of the make up came off. My skin did not break out either.

I follow the cleansing oil with with the Super Aqua Pore Correcting Cleansing Foam (currently not available on Missha’s website). I like how the micro beads exfoliate my skin. In the mornings, I use the Super Aqua Refreshing Cleansing Foam.

I apply the Super Aqua Pore Kling Toner to freshen my skin and get it ready for the next steps in the evening.


Left to right:  Essence –  Ampoule –  Moisturizer

Depending on how my skin feels or looks, I usually apply the Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence in the morning and evening (also on Amazon at a lower price).  Essence isn’t really a toner or a serum. I think it’s an in between (you can search for its meaning and benefits online). It’s packed with ingredients that Missha says improves the fine lines and skin tone. I normally apply on a cotton pad and pat it on my face.

In the evenings, after applying the essence, I apply the Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Ampoule to smooth and firm my skin.  Again the price on Amazon is much lower.

Finally, in the evenings, I apply the Time Revolution Night Repair Perfect Master Cream to hydrate my skin.


Left to right: BB primer –  BB Cream –  Cushion

In the mornings, before applying the BB Cream, I apply the M BB Boomer as primer using my fingertips. It’s light, smells good, and covers my pores.

Afterwards, I apply the M Signature Real Complete BB Cream with a stipple brush and blend it in. The BB Cream has SPF 25 but if you want to more sun protection, it is also okay to apply sunscreen under the BB Cream. I use the Honey Beige #27 color.

For touch ups or for when days I don’t want to apply the BB Cream, I use the M Magic Cushion in #27 Honey Beige. I just started using the cushion and love it because it’s light but provides a good touch up during the day or after work (if I have somewhere to go).

I know there are other Kbeauty brands out there. I’m tempted to try them all but for now, I’m sticking with Missha since it works. Also Missha has so many lines and products on their website that it can get overwhelming.  You can buy Missha products on their website, on Amazon (which normally has lower prices) and some at Target.


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