Let’s Explore! A Colorful Garage Mural






I stumbled upon this garage when I happened to look at the Ace Hotel Chicago’s Instagram account. I was actually checking to see when the hotel was opening but the post about this garage caught my eye more.  I knew it was the perfect location to take some pictures of Luke with his number “5” balloon for his upcoming birthday. The artist is Shawn Smith (Instagram here).

We took these pictures a little over a month ago, after the fun Radio Flyer event. Initially, we were just going here to take pictures of Luke and his number “5”  balloon for his 5th birthday post...but it turned into a a fun time for all three of us! We all got in front of the camera (not all at the same time) so I wanted to share what it looks like when everyone is in a good mood, especially for pictures.




This mural is on a residential garage…which I think it pretty cool! I love how bright and colorful it is and how all the shapes are smiling! I think the happy faces on this garage added to the happy mood while taking pictures. Luke ran back and forth in front of the garage and he and Charlie did some Star Wars magic. It was a fun family adventure to go looking for this garage and it was fun to capture some of the moments.




One thought on “Let’s Explore! A Colorful Garage Mural

  1. Practical Mama says:

    Very cool. It looked like some of the wide garages near “606” and apparently even if it’s not there it’s that that far away either. I’m trying to paint a mural on our garage siding (backyard side though, not the alley) and I know it’s not going to as cool as this one.

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