5 Awesome Things I Love About My Preschooler

This post is all about Luke because today is his 5th birthday!!

Happy birthday to you, Luke! You have changed my world for the better and you make me laugh EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  I can’t imagine my life without you. I’m lucky to have a caring and loving son like you. I love how you always like to cuddle with me, even when we are out for dinner. And I love all the random things you tell me and how our conversations can go on for the longest time but we can cover so much in one conversation. Most of all, I am so proud to be your mama and being called “Luke’s mommy” to all your friends.

I can think of a million more things I love about Luke. But in honor of his 5th birthday, I wanted to share 5 things I love about him (it was hard to keep to just 5). We went around town this past weekend taking pictures of his number 5 balloon, which he was so proud of holding. So I’m also sharing my 5 favorite pictures from this weekend too.

 I would love to hear about what you love about this age.

Ukrainian Village – Western and Ohio

Luke is honest

Sometimes honesty can offend people but when it comes from him it’s enduring and funny. When I come home from a work out, he tells me I smell…which is true. So I know I have to go take a shower. When I cook food he doesn’t like, such as mushrooms, he tells me mushrooms make him nervous. There are times I ask him how I look in a new dress…his answer…”you look awesome, mama.”

Big Monster Toys – Racine and Madison

Luke can make friends easily

Whether we’re at the park or at a store, when he sees other kids his age, he can approach them and introduce himself. I love his confidence and willingness to meet new people. Especially his openness to meeting new kids without judgment.  Thanks to Luke, I’ve made some good friends too – all his friends’ mamas! It’s a win-win for both of us.

Fulton Market District

Luke is has a good memory

We go out exploring the city almost every weekend. When we drive by a certain place, he will tell me what we did there, even from two years ago!  Sometimes he tells me some random memory that I have forgotten. It makes for such great conversation between us. there have been times when I can’t find certain things in the house, he can tell me exactly where I put it and when I did it. I think it’s an incredible gift.

West Loop – Racine and Lake

Luke cracks himself up

This past year, Luke has been coming up with some random jokes. He tells us his jokes and then laughs at them, which makes us laugh even more. Sometimes his jokes make no sense but if he’s laughing, we’re laughing. I love it when he does something by mistake, like tripping over something, he laughs because he tripped and he can tell he looked funny doing so.


Lincoln Park – New City parking garage

Luke is forgiving

This is one of my favorite things about him – his forgiveness. Whether I do something by mistake or if a friend takes a toy from him, he says “it’s okay.” I do apologize to him for times I get mad and every single time, he tells me it’s okay. Those are the two best words to hear from your child, especially when you put so much pressure on yourself to do things right or when you admit you made a mistake.

I’m going to add one more to this list…Luke is still my baby. After we took these pictures above, the balloon snapped and flew off the strings. Luke started crying uncontrollably, with tears coming down both eyes. He loved that balloon because he’s so proud to be turning 5. I rushed over and gave him the longest hug, wiped the tears away, and told him it was okay. He was upset that he let the balloon fly away. I calmed him down and told him we could get another one and that the balloon flying away meant it was good luck (I made that part up). That seemed to cheer him up. But in that moment, I realized that although he’s 5, he still needs me and needs comfort from me. I hope that never changes.

I am looking forward to what the age of 5 holds but so far I’ve savored every moment from when he was born until today. Every day with him is a blessing.





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  1. laurenkahan says:

    Oh, I love the 5 things!! He is one special little boy with an amazing mama! I also looooove that you took the balloon all over-SO COOL! Happy Birthday Luke! 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

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