Let’s Explore! Street Art in an Alley

bowsandstripes1-2(Top: J.Crew Tippi Tie-neck Sweater / Bag: Sezane Calvin bag / Jeans: Banana Republic / Shoes: Tory Burch / Sunglasses: Karen Walker Super Duper)

Chicago has been having a really mild winter and I’m not complaining. A few weeks ago, it was 70 degrees…in the middle of February! This is the time of the year when we just stay in the house and hibernate. But when weather is this nice, we love to head out and explore the city!

Chicago is full of colorful street art and it’s always fun to find art in the most unlikely of places, especially when you’re not looking for it. We found this mural in an alley a few weeks ago when it was unseasonably warm. We were driving Luke to swim class when I noticed a bright orange color hanging from an alley wall. I made Charlie turn around so I can see what else was there. To my surprise, it was this colorful wall with abstract shapes mostly in green, black and orange. I squealed with excitement and wanted Luke and Charlie to get out of the car to take pictures but then realized Luke still had swim class to go to.


So we decided to come back after swim class but Luke wanted to take his Micro Mini Kick Scooter and his new Nutcase Lucky #7 helmet that he’s currently obsessed with. Since it was such warm weather, we agreed to the scooter. We headed home and got everything, including my new J.Crew Tippi tie-neck sweater, which seemed to compliment with the street art. Charlie went home to get his working gloves because he had to push the garbage bins aside. LOL. The alley was very clean (is there such a thing?) and did not smell like trash (really!) so we thought it was safe to take a few pictures. I pretended to be a fashion blogger (posing is hard) and Luke was a natural at riding his scooter around.


I loved this J.Crew Tippi tie-neck sweater when I first saw it because it looked  so Parisian and I love all things French (stripes, especially). The sweater fits true to size…I’m wearing a medium for reference. I tend to stay away from wool sweaters because I find wool itchy but this merino wool sweater is quite soft and the itch factor is pretty non-existent.  I’ve gotten so many compliments while wearing it and my favorite compliment has to  be how “Parisian” I look in it. This Francophile is happy. J.Crew currently has similar sweaters that I’ve been eyeing like the  Jackie tie-neck cardigan in ivory lagoon navy and saddle navy ivory.

Thanks to Charlie for agreeing to come back here and doing the dirty work so that Luke and I could have some fun!

About this location: This alley is located around the corner from Kiki’s Bistro near Institute Place.


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6 thoughts on “Let’s Explore! Street Art in an Alley

  1. Practical Mama says:

    First of all, you look fabulous and make those colors on the wall pop out. I love your dedication to finding the coolest murals in the city. Thanks to Charlie being cooperative as well. have you thought of adding an itinerary map with your photos in front of those murals to your blog?

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