Let’s Explore! 3 Chicago Parking Garages with Unique Views


I’m a bit biased but I think Chicago has THE best skyline in the world. From just about anywhere, the city’s skyline and the architecture of the buildings just take your breath away. There are a few places in the city where you go up really high and pay to see the buildings up close – The Skydeck and the Hancock Tower. But did you know you can get some of the best views by just checking out the top floors of some of the city’s parking garages? And it’s free (if you don’t park your car in there).

On Saturday morning,  my little family and I went on an adventure to take in the views at three garages, which all happen to be in River North.


This parking garage is in the middle of all the River North restaurants and behind  the Michigan Avenue shops. It’s 12 stories high and the buildings around this garage are pretty high and close that you feel like they’re hugging you. The garage does tend to get full because the area gets busy so I suggest going early in the morning (with less cars/traffic) or later in the evening (to get great night time views).








We recently just found out about the views of this garage because our church is nearby and this is where we have to park while our church parking lot is under construction. We happened to drive to the top of this nine story garage in the spring and were blown away with the views. What makes this parking garage so unique is that you can see part of the “L” tracks that turns and curves around the buildings from here.  Luke loves watching the trains pass by from so high up.






I have to admit, this is one of my favorite parking garages because the view of the Chicago skyline is exceptional and unobstructed as there are no other taller buildings nearby. The view to the west is the old Montgomery Wards warehouse. The garage is five stories high. The best time to visit this garage is on the weekends.






Living in Chicago, you definitely need a good jacket to keep you warm, especially in the winter. I found my Narvik jacket to be quite light in weight and actually kept me warm.  The great thing about Narvik jackets is that they have this ThermalTech fabric (coated with 100% stainless mesh) that when exposed to sunlight or body heat, the jacket will heat up and keep you warm. My husband, the engineer, was quite blown away when I told him this. But what it means for me is no more bulky, puffy coats. Now I get to wear a lighter coat that still keeps me warm, without the weight and looking like the Stay Puft Man. Well, the Stay Puft Man is cute but not my look. Hehe.



Thank you Narvik Works for sponsoring this post. All pictures and opinions in the post are my own.

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