Let’s Explore! The University of Chicago with the Foxy Duo




What goes perfectly together in the fall? Foxes and fall foliage, of course! And what’s even better? Twinning mom and son fox shirts!

Fall foliage in Chicago is beautiful. If you get a chance to visit Chicago, I highly recommend visiting in the fall.

Last Saturday, I had the inspiration to go on a scavenger hunt for red ivy. So we decided to go to the University of Chicago in Hyde Park since I knew the place is filled with ivy with changing colors. The fall foliage there did not disappoint! I was in fall heaven, if there ever was such a place.  The one unique thing about the University of Chicago is that it really feels like you’re in another world (or Harry Potter’s world). You’re still in Chicago but away from the hustle and bustle.

I wanted to make it an adventure for Luke while we were there so we ran around the campus watching the leaves fall and picking up leaves and throwing the up in the air. To sum it up, it was a perfect fall afternoon in Chicago. And it was the perfect perfect location to capture some twinning photos in our coordinating fox shirts. I mean…the fall colors just seemed to be the perfect backdrop.






I’ve had the fox sweater from Old Navy from three years ago when Luke and I twinned in our coordinating sweaters. You can see a trip down memory lane here. I was tempted to get the Fox Sweater at the Loft AND the J.Crew Factory Fox Teddie Sweater this year since I’m obsessed with fox sweaters but didn’t get either one in time to wear on this adventure. But they are still in my shopping carts…maybe for next year’s twinning outfit? And my boots of the season are the Sorel Major Pull On.

I wish I would’ve bought Luke’s fox sweater in multiple sizes three years ago but luckily, Target does sell updated fox shirts every year. So I snatched up this toddler boy’s fox crew t-shirt when I saw it a month ago..and I bought it in multiple sizes. It was easier three years ago to put a sweater on Luke with no push back. But now that he’s four years old, all he wants to wear is superhero shirts. So to convince to wear the fox shirt that I got from Target, I had to show him the “What Does The Fox Say” video on YouTube. After watching it, he was quite excited to sport the fox shirt around town! Whew! Mission accomplished!




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  1. Rebecca Plotnick says:

    These shots are so great!! Did you capture them with the new camera? I am going to have to ask you to show me around the campus. I have never been but you found some beautiful spots and that ivy is just insane!

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