Let’s Explore! The Happy Garage

I still don’t know what to do when I grow up but I do know what I love… finding and exploring unique places in Chicago!


Back in the spring, my friend Diana sent me a picture of this garage with all this happy heart art work on it. She was even kind enough to provide me with the exact location of the garage. So I give her all the credit for finding this treasure!


We were at this garage last week to take some pictures but as it turned out, I had my camera set to the wrong shutter speed…and most of the pictures turned out blurry. This is just a lesson for me to learn more about using my DSLR in manual mode. I’ll add it to one of my goals for 2017.




So we came back here today to re-take some pictures. But earlier in the day, I dropped my 50mm lens down the stairs. I think I broke it forever (insert crying emoji) because the lens wouldn’t focus properly. And Luke was not in a mood to take any pictures today. All this must be a sign, right?


I was ready to give up on taking anymore pictures of this garage when a couple walked over and said they have named it “The Happy Garage” and that there’s an Instagram page for it. Then I realized that I shouldn’t be upset that I didn’t get the right pictures because this garage is about happiness. It was like an “a-ha moment” or another sign…just be happy with what you got!

Then I remembered how happy we were being here last week as Luke and I got our dance moves on in front of here. That should have been enough.

The moral of the story: I was able to find this location (thanks to Diana), we had fun as a family taking pictures of it, and now I have some pictures to share. Achieving happiness can be pretty simple.


The art work is by Chris Uphues. The garage is located in the Ravenswood neighborhood at the corner of Ravenswood and Winona. Happy hunting!






5 thoughts on “Let’s Explore! The Happy Garage

  1. laurenkahan says:

    You guys are just too cute! I feel ya though. Sometimes I get so bummed when I mess up one of our shoots, but then I want to smack myself, because we still had fun! But…it is frustrating.

    I feel like the more I try (with the location/our outfits) the more pressure I put on it, and it rarely goes well. Then, we run out in front of our house real quick and I get some of my favorite shots haha. Such is life. You still got some really cute shots!

    I hope you can get your 50mm fixed!

    • Second City Mom says:

      Thank you, Lauren! It’s when I overthink things to get the perfect shot is when I’m not having fun. But you’re right, the best ones are the unexpected ones. And my 50 mm is no more. Time to get another one.

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