Let’s Celebrate! My Portrait Session with Revealed Studios

I did something incredible a few weeks ago, I got a portrait session from Revealed Studios! I love the studio’s philosophy…taking portraits of real women. They’re not trying to make someone they are not or make them look different.  They are photographing and revealing the beautiful women we all are!

Although I love portraits with my family, this one was all about me! It was incredible and frightening at the same time. For once, I was able to get all pampered (hair and make up professionally done) and just look glamorous for a day. But I was afraid to take these alone because I didn’t have my husband or Luke in the pictures with me. Laurie and Maggie assured me that everything will be okay. That this day was for me and that I should enjoy it. And enjoy it I did…from the hair and make up to the endless laughter of the session.

I know as a mom, we are so busy taking care of the family that we seldom take care of ourselves or have the time to. Or we are often the ones behind the camera capturing moments of our kids that we are in hardly any of the pictures. And when someone takes a pictures of us, we can see all our insecurities in the pictures. But this session with Revealed Studios made me change my mind about the way I see myself. When I received the pictures, I was smiling ear to ear because the person in the pictures was me! It was an enhanced version of me but it was me. I need to believe it when people say that I’m beautiful. It’s truly amazing what the photographer sees through the lens and how she captures it.

For my session, I decided to go with a French or Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme. I know I really wanted to wear a tulle skirt and something with stripes. Also, I just bought a fitted dress from Anthropologie that I wanted to show off. I think this session was all about my love of France (oui, oui). I had so much fun dressing up and pretending I was a Parisian for a day. Below are some of my favorite pictures from the session, you can find more at Revealed Studios’ Blog.






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