Let’s Celebrate! Thanksgiving at Disney World

We went to Disney World in Orlando during Thanksgiving break with my family…all 13 of us! The weather was a bit chilly on Thanksgiving day but perfect for the three days after that. We had four-day passes and visited the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios…and back to the Magic Kingdom on our last day. I think going to Disney during and after Thanksgiving is the perfect time since you can eat the massive turkey legs (found in Frontierland) on Thanksgiving and all the lights and Christmas decorations will get you into the Christmas spirit! We particularly enjoyed the light show at Hollywood Studios.

Some of the things we learned from our trip: 1) You automatically feel happy once you enter the Magic Kingdom (I they inject some type of drug in the air or the “cast members” are trained in good customer service), 2) You can bring in your own food and drinks, 3) there’s a Starbucks in the Magic Kingdom, 4) everyone loves “It’s A Small World,” (future blog post) and 5) the play area for the Dumbo ride was a great idea…it somehow made the 50 minute wait seem shorter than it was.

Although Luke was a little too young to appreciate Disney, the trip was a great time spent with family and seeing Disney through Luke’s eyes. Below are a few pictures of our family vacation.


Behind the Magic Kingdom


The play space (waiting area) for the Dumbo ride…best idea ever!


The hubs about to enjoy the famous smoked turkey

The hubs about to enjoy the famous smoked turkey

Parade fun

Parade fun


Family picture at Tomorrowland Speedway

Family picture at Tomorrowland Speedway


Family photo with Goofy Santa


Silhouette of Donald Duck

One of my favorite photos...photo credit: the hubs

One of my favorite photos…photo credit: the hubs

The castle at night...dressed with lit icicles. So beautiful!

The castle at night…dressed with lit icicles. So beautiful!


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