Over the Moon with My Half Moon

I know I said that I wouldn’t purchase anymore Chanel handbags after I got the medium classic but this one was too cute and practical not to. So about a month ago, I called the Chanel boutique and was told they didn’t have any. Then I called Neiman Marcus and was told I would be put on the “waiting list.” Finally, I decided to contact my Chanel sales associate, Tovar, directly to be told I was on the “reserve” list. After reading on a purse discussion forum that the half moon WOC is in high demand and is somewhat hard to get, I figured it would take months to hear back, if at all.

Well…..last week I got a call from Tovar to tell me it was in. Just. For. Me!!! I got the black caviar with silver hardware. Needless to say that I was very excited that I got it so quickly.  Below are my “reveal” photos. My review of the WOC is at the bottom of this post.

WOC 1IMG_6721



IMG_6743 IMG_6746

IMG_6744 IMG_6747

When I opened the box, my first thought was “Oh no, it’s kind of small.” But I then I started transferring all my credit cards and stuff from my old wallet to the WOC and realized, “Wow, everything fits!” I was able to also put my iPhone in the outside compartment and my keys in the inner compartment. And voila, I put the cross shoulder chain on and it was perfect! It felt like I had nothing. And when I hold Luke, the WOC is not in the way.

The half moon WOC is very versatile. I can put the entire chain in the wallet and it turns into a clutch or a wallet that I can put into a larger purse. I can also wrap the chain around twice and it turns into a shoulder bag. I took a picture of my iPhone next to the wallet to show the scale/size of the wallet to my phone.

In the week that I’ve worn the purse, I’ve gotten so many compliments. Not that I need compliments to tell me I made the right purchase, but it sure feels good.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I love your new purse! I heard about your purchase through charlie and I was so excited for you. Please let me know when you happen to hear about the red mini. ;p

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