Baby Registry Favorites

On Saturday, I attended two baby showers and wanted to share some essentials for a baby registry.  My friends didn’t register for these items, but I thought they would likely use them.  These are some of the items that worked well for me and hopefully you will (or already do) like them too!

Zoli Buzz B. nail trimmer

If you’re scared to clip your baby’s tiny fingernails (like I was), then this battery operated oscillating baby nail trimmer is perfect for you.  I used it on Luke and it was so easy.  It trimmed his fingernails by gently sanding them down with the rotating head.  It includes four nail filing pads with increasingly grittier textures based on your baby’s age.  This thing does take up a lot of battery, so you will need to replace it frequently, but with that being said, it’s only one AA battery at a time.

Grass Countertop Drying Rack

Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack

We used a few different drying racks before I discovered the Grass Drying Rack.  We like it because it’s stylish, fits our small counter top, and does the job.  We have since upgraded to the larger Boon Lawn drying rack because we have more bottles and bowls to dry.

WubbaNub Pacifier

I had never seen these pacifiers until I joined a new-mom group.  I saw babies with the monkey, giraffe, dog, etc. and I noticed that the pacifier was the same exact one that Luke was using that the hospital gave us.  When I asked the moms about it, they said they loved it even more than their babies because the pacifier doesn’t roll off and fall on the floor, and is easy for the baby to find in the crib.  So I rushed to buy one and Luke loved it.  He even liked to soothe himself by just holding on to the animal.

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