Let’s Dress Up! In Rainbow Stripes

 “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud”

– Maya Angelou


Luke is my rainbow in my cloud. He’s the reason why I wake up, he’s the reason we want a second child, he makes me laugh and fills my days with joy, and he inspires me to be happy…even on my saddest days. So this colorful post is dedicated to my rainbow, my Luke.



This was such a fun adventure because we actually found artwork to coordinate with our twinning outfits. And! Luke still let me twin with him…well, before we got dressed up I asked him he could wear something to match with my dress. He said “no” because he didn’t want to look like a princess. I promised him I wouldn’t make him dress in anything he didn’t want to. So when he put on the sweater he asked if Charlie had the same sweater…oh boy…I think he wants to start dressing like his dad.


Art by Jeremiah Ketner (aka Smallandround).



It was quite cold yesterday morning so we had Luke warm up by running around. That always gets the best smiles out of him, too.  Charlie got Luke running around the playground but I think our plan backfired because it got Luke really hyper to the point that one of us had to catch him and hold him to take a picture.


When I saw that there was a pink door at the other end of this rainbow wall I nearly died. Currently, I’m loving everything pink. Maybe it’s my five year old self or maybe I’ve always loved pink and didn’t realize it.


I was in cloud nine when I saw the art work just opposite of the pink door, which is mural by JCRivera. Of course we had to take a few pictures here too!


My dress: Anthropologie (last year) My vest: Zara (last year) My boots: Vince Camuto My tights: No Nonsense (c/o)

Luke’s vest: GapKids Luke’s hat: GapKids (last year) Luke’s shoes: Puma Luke’s sweater: GapKids.

About the location:  When I found this rainbow wall at Nettlehorst School on Broadway and Aldine, I knew it would be a perfect location for our twinning post – my Anthropologie dress and Luke’s GapKids Stripe Sweater. As it turned out, this playground was a perfect spot since it had more than just the rainbow wall, it was filled with artwork. It is a color hunter’s dream!

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